How to Cancel Medifast Subscription Easily [2023 Updated]

Cancel Medifast Subscription
How to Cancel Medifast Subscription

Want to know How to Cancel Medifast Subscription? It is becoming more and more common for people to be obese. Unhealthy diets are causing people to gain weight, which can lead to various life-threatening health conditions.

Cancel Medifast Subscription
How to Cancel Medifast Subscription

A healthy, hygienic, and fully organic diet is the only way to eliminate such threats; you must choose healthy, hygienic, and fully organic food.

How to Cancel Medifast Subscription Easily

What is Medifast?

It offers meal delivery and meal replacement programs to help its obese customers lose weight. You can order Medifast meals online, which will be delivered to your home. Losing weight and reducing your calorie intake are the intended goals of these meals.

What does Medifast Offer?

It provides its customers with low-calorie diets such as dehydrated meals, shakes, and snacks.

There are no additional ingredients or preparation requirements for the meal shipped by Medifast. A complete set of instructions will accompany your meal package. If you follow those instructions, it will take only minutes for your food to be ready.

Medifast’s meals are usually small and frequent. It is recommended that you take four to five meals per day in accordance with their instructions. Your meal plan may also allow you to eat whatever you want, depending on your preference.

Pros of Medifast

Effective Weight Loss

The Medifast weight-loss program is making waves, as people have reported losing up to 2.2 pounds in a week after choosing Medifast.

Education and support

Your Medifast coach will guide you on how to follow your meal plans and the important precautions to stay on track.

Easy to follow

Meal plans provided by Medifast are relatively simple to follow. It is optional for you to calculate your calorie intake on your own. Your package will include all instructions; follow the instructions, and you’re ready.

Cons of Medifast


There is a cost associated with Medifast’s 30-day meal plan that is around $400, not including meal costs, so that it may be unaffordable for most people.

Monotonous diet

Food cravings can result from Medifast’s limited and common taste food plans, and you will eventually cheat on your diet.

Weight Regain

Medifast dieters often regain weight once they cease following their diet plan, despite its excellent weight-loss plan. The most notable drawback of Medifast is its need for more variety.

How to cancel Medifast Subscription?

You can cancel Medifast Subscription by following these steps:

  1. Contact Medifast’s customer service team. The website or app for Medifast does not offer automated cancellation like that of many other meal delivery and diet services. Please call 1-800-209-0878 to reach customer service.
  2. Remember to call on time. You are responsible for informing Medifast of any changes or cancellations to your order by 6 pm ET the day before it is processed.
  3. Please wait for an email confirmation. If you have canceled your account successfully, you should receive a confirmation email in your registered email address shortly after.

How do I cancel my Plan/Subscription to Medifast?

There is no doubt that Medifast diet plans have changed many people’s lives by helping them lose weight, but we can also acknowledge that some of its disadvantages lead people to cancel medifast subscription. It is enough for someone to cancel Medifast’s meal plans because of all the disadvantages, especially its unaffordability and weight gain.

Medifast offers the option of canceling its plans whenever you want. You can cancel medifast subscription by following these simple steps: –

  • Contact a customer support representative at 1-866-451-9264 to cancel medifast subscription.
  • A cancellation number will confirm your cancellation.
  • Keeping the original packaging with you is important to return the products safely.

How to Cancel Medifast Step By Step?

Step 1: Go to My Account and choose My Medifast Premier from the left-hand menu.

Step 2: Click Cancel Premier Membership to cancel your membership.

  • You will be notified that you will lose Premier benefits by canceling your Premier membership. Then, if you decide to cancel your membership, you can click Nevermind or Cancel Membership.

Step 3: Once the cancellation of your Premier membership has been confirmed, you will be taken back to the Premier Details page. You will be notified that a green banner has canceled your membership.

  • It should also be noted that the Edit Premier Schedule and Process Now buttons are grayed out, so you cannot access them.
  • Your My Account page also displays a grayed-out Change Next Order Date box and a Reinstate Premier Membership link instead of Cancel Premier Membership.

Best Alternatives of Medifast


Are Medifast and Optavia the same thing?

There is a connection between Medifast Inc. and Optavia, partly because it is the parent company. A Medifast program, which doctors prescribed to their patients in the 1980s and 90s, is also owned and operated by it.

Is it easy to cancel an Medifast subscription?

The process of canceling an medifast subscription is more complex. Call medifast’s customer service line if you want to cancel, not through the app or website.

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