How to Cancel Gobble Subscription Easily [ 2023 Updated]

Cancel Gobble Subscription

This comprehensive guide will guide you through how to cancel Gobble Subscription which is a meal delivery service. The name Gobble must have crossed your path if you love gourmet meals and meal kits made with wholesome ingredients.

Cancel Gobble Subscription
Cancel Gobble Subscription

There may be some reasons you want to cancel Gobble, whether the food you didn’t like or the price you thought was too high. Here’s a 3-step method to cancel Gobble subscription quickly and without issues.

My experience with cooking has taught me that Gobble isn’t a fit for everyone since it only answers some people’s needs. There is a price tag, and you must still assemble the meal (you get the pre-prepared ingredients).

How to Cancel Gobble Subscription Easily [ 2023 Updated]

What Is Gobble?

The Gobble meal delivery service delivers gourmet meals to your door. You can choose from a variety of menus at this company, which offers a wide variety of recipes. 

They aim to make healthy eating accessible and convenient by providing gourmet meal options you can prepare in 15 minutes or less.

By providing healthy food at a convenient price, this company makes healthy eating accessible to busy professionals and individuals who lack the time to go grocery shopping on a regular basis.

Pros of Gobble

  • They offer low-calorie meal plans called Lean & Clean.
  • You can choose from a variety of soups and sides on the menu.
  • Many of their meals are available with protein swaps.
  • The portion sizes of their meals are generous.

Cons of Gobble

  • There are very few vegetarian options available. 
  • They don’t use all organic ingredients.
  • Shipping is an additional cost, and their pricing is high.
  • They oversell their 15-minute meal prep claim.

How to Cancel Gobble on Your Own

Deactivating your Gobble account should be easy according to the terms and conditions. You can do so by following the instructions on your Gobble dashboard, calling Gobble customer support, or sending an email to Gobble customer support. You can cancel Gobble subscription yourself by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your Gobble account and follow the instructions on the screen to deactivate.
  2. Your account can also be deactivated by contacting Gobble by email or phone.
  3. Please provide your full name and registered email address and a statement that you would like your account to be deactivated via email or phone.
  4. Ensure your Gobble account has been successfully deactivated by checking for an account deactivation confirmation email.

How to Cancel Gobble Subscription Online?

  • Visit the Gobble website and click the Login button.
  • Find the Delivery Calendar
  • Below you will find your upcoming orders. You can change orders, skip deliveries, and more in this section.
  • Click on Deactivate My Account

When you deactivate your account (it doesn’t delete it), Gobble hopes you’ll want to reactivate it later. You will then receive a confirmation email. You must receive your confirmation email before the account deactivation process is complete.

How to Cancel Gobble Subscription via Phone?

Follow these steps to cancel Gobble Subscription:

  1. You can reach them at 888-405-7481
  2. Please let them know that you are canceling their subscription.
  3. Please provide your account information so they can locate your account.
  4. Remember to ask for and record the date of the final charge.
  5. Request a refund
  6. Please verify that you contacted them by requesting documentation.
  7. Keep your cancellation proof handy, just in case.

How to Cancel Gobble Subscription via Email?

Follow these steps to cancel Gobble Subscription:

  1. Please send your email to
  2. Email your cancellation request with your confirmation number and final billing information.

Problems You May Run Into When Trying to Cancel Gobble

If you cancel your subscription to Gobble, you may experience customer service attempts to convince you not to. The Gobble website or customer service representative may try to get you to do one of these other things instead of deactivating your account when trying to cancel your account:

  • You can skip a delivery.
  • You should receive fewer recipes each week.
  • Make the switch to a flexible subscription.

You can solve this problem by staying adamant about deactivating your account. You should use the word deactivate. It would help if you ignored any suggestions to skip a delivery, switch plans, or anything else a customer service representative may suggest. Instead of deactivating your account, state so.

Best Alternatives Of Gobble

There are certainly other meal delivery services besides Gobble. There are a lot of subscription meal services out there, each offering slightly different versions of the same thing but with varying outcomes. You can still try another better suited to your needs just because you didn’t like Gobble.


Is it easy to cancel a Gobble subscription?

Yes. A few easy steps can get you to edit your orders or cancel your subscription. The Gobble delivery schedule can also be edited a few weeks in advance. As a result, you don’t need to worry about checking in every week when you go on vacation.

When can you cancel a subscription?

The deadline for Gobble is 11:59 pm local time zone on Wednesday before the following week’s delivery. Customer service may still be able to assist you if you get to them in time if you miss it. You will be able to apply your changes starting the following week if you still need to.

Are there healthier/cheaper alternatives to Gobble?

Unlike Gobble, Blue Apron offers a diverse menu and lower prices than Gobbles. The two services have a price difference, but they offer foods made with healthy ingredients and pay attention to nutritional content.


It’s great that there is always something new on the menu, and I appreciate that the company uses high-quality ingredients and delicious recipes. There are, however, some people who don’t like it. If you decided to cancel gobble subscription, Gobble won’t be able to hold it against you. Deactivating your account is easy and takes only a few steps to cancel gobble Subscription.

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