Free Moving Services For Disabled People

Free Moving Services For Disabled People
Free Moving Services For Disabled People

Are You looking for Free Moving Services For Disabled People? If Yes, You are at the rightplace.

In this article, we are sharing all the information about Free Moving Services For Disabled People.

The process of moving can be stressful for anyone. It may be impossible and difficult for disabled people to move because they have lower physical capacities and may not have the income to hire a moving company.

The process of moving can be dangerous for disabled people due to the possibility of injuries and other physical problems. Thus, finding free moving services and seeking help with moving expenses for disabled people is important in these tough times. 

There are several issues with free moving services, tips, and wonderful ways for disabled people to receive free moving services. People with disabilities have fewer physical movements and need assistance and support. 

What is Free Moving Services For Disabled People?

Moving is a stressful process for people, and moving from one house to another involves so much work. The process of packing and loading the vehicle is very challenging for people. There are various reasons why people move from one place to another, such as changing jobs, starting a new business, or buying a home. 

The move involves moving furniture, appliances, and other belongings, so people want to make sure they are protected from damage. People with disabilities may have a hard time moving because they encounter a lot of difficulties. If they have to move, this may be a nightmare scenario. It is important to keep both them and their stuff safe since they are disabled. 

Moving time involves a lot of hurrying to make sure everything is packed and loaded. A disabled person may then be subjected to any incident that may worsen their situation. In addition, any damaged appliances or belongings may cause them to have to count money, which will be an extra burden for them. 

The safety of disabled people and their belongings is crucial to moving companies that provide professional services to disabled people. 

Like free moving services for disabled people, If you’re struggling to pay fines, these nonprofits often offer guidance, financial aid, and sometimes legal assistance. Some Non-Profits Services That Assist With Fines And Tickets, offering crucial support to those facing financial hardships. these organizations provide a lifeline.

Are There Any Free Moving Services For Disabled People?

Are There Any Free Moving Services For Disabled People?
Are There Any Free Moving Services For Disabled People?

Many people are affected by the high cost of moving. Moving is a difficult and labor-intensive process, and moving service providers typically charge a high rate that is not affordable for people with disabilities. A moving service typically costs between $800 and $2500, about $1400 on average. A moving charge varies depending on several different factors, including the number of belongings one wants to keep while moving. 

It is possible that disabled people have a low income and may also need services. People and families with special needs may benefit from government assistance and nonprofit support. It is a fact that nonprofit organizations work for the betterment of disabled people and often assist disabled people with free moving services. 

Similarly, the federal government offers social assistance programs for people with disabilities. It might be useful to check government assistance for moving through the Social Security Administration. Moreover, disabled people may receive free moving assistance from government programs and local government offices. 

Nonprofit Organization That Provides Free Moving Services For Disabled People

The good news is that so many nonprofit organizations offer free moving services to disabled people. It is their goal to improve the lives of disabled people to ensure that they have a better day. Therefore, local and national charities may be able to provide such assistance to disabled people. 

Here are the list of Non-Profit Organizations that provides Free Moving Services For Disabled People

Modest Needs

Modest Needs is a nonprofit organization that provides one-time self-sufficiency grants of $750 to $1250 for the special needs of the low-income population. There are no strings attached to these grants, and they can be paid directly to the service providers to meet their needs. You can thus get started by looking at this organization and the application process. 


This organization is geared toward women and minorities and provides housing assistance. When you are disabled and need free moving services, you may communicate with this organization to get information on your needs. They provide assistance for less fortunate people, which may be about moving assistance. They have a website, and you may communicate to get such assistance from this place. 

Catholic Charities 

Catholic charities are faith-based communities, and they offer a variety of need-based services for families. If you need moving assistance for disabled individuals, you can contact this community for free assistance. You use this platform to search for Catholic charities in your area to ensure you can receive help. The organization may cover your moving costs and provide you with other support. 

Federal Relocation Assistance Program 

This program provides free moving assistance through the Federal Relocation Assistance Program, which the Federal Emergency Management Administration funds. Moving may be necessary because your house has been declared a disaster vulnerability, and you need to move urgently due to your disability. Check their program details before applying to this program. To check if your area has been declared for disaster assistance, visit and enter your zip code. 


211 is a national emergency number with connections with many organizations providing free services. The company can connect you to an organization that can assist you with your needs while you are on the phone. As you are disabled, call this number and explain your needs to the authority. Before making any call, you should organize your thoughts on what you will say. In the same way, you may explain moving assistance, which is so important for you. You may also visit to learn the process of getting started. 

VA Housing Assistance 

Veterans are real heroes who are thanked for their services and sacrifice. As a disabled Veteran, you may benefit from different platforms, including veterans assistance programs. A free moving assistance program and other types of housing assistance may be available here. 

Salvation Army 

The Salvation Army is one of the biggest names in the assistance industry. It is a nonprofit organization that provides help to low-income and other less fortunate individuals. You will be given priority in moving services since you are disabled and need free services. People need assistance in many ways, such as housing, food, and clothes. 

The Emergency Solutions Grants Program

An emergency solutions grants program assists with housing and prevents homelessness. These funds are allocated to states and organizations under the HUD umbrella. A grant may be available for you as a disabled person if you need relocation or moving assistance. Therefore, you should check the ESG resources page to see if there is a grant program that meets your needs. 

Housing Industry Foundation Emergency Housing Fund 

There may be a housing industry foundation emergency housing fund that can help you with your moving needs, such as free moving services. This program provides one-time grants of up to $2500 to eligible people who may need assistance with relocation. Those who are disabled can take advantage of this platform to get free moving services. Visit the website to find out if an ongoing program is available and check out the availability. 

Travelers Aid Society 

This organization has been expanding its membership and services nationwide since it was founded. It provides transportation, housing, food, and job training. If you would like to move, you can check this platform to see if any moving assistance services are available. 

The IRS Moving Expenses Deduction for Military Families 

Your moving expenses are deductible if you are a military member and need to move due to military orders. You can deduct this amount from your income, and you won’t have to pay taxes. It is possible to make this deduction both on a local and international move. 

Check Nearest Programs For Free Moving Services For Disabled People

A disabled person who needs to move to a new place or state needs assistance to make the transition smooth. If this is the case, nearby programs may offer free moving services to disabled people. 

Social Security 

A Social Security disability insurance policy or supplemental security income might be a wonderful option if you qualify. This federal funding option can help make your move more successful, especially when it comes to the most strenuous work, like moving. 

Your upcoming move must be reported to the Social Security Administration, so contacting them and informing them of the details is important. 

Private Insurance or State Services 

A number of private insurance companies and state programs assist disabled people with moving. Private insurance providers should be notified about moving issues when you use their policy. There may be times when you need to update your policy, and the rate may differ based on where you live and where you are located currently. 

You may need to reapply for state services when moving from one state to another. You should check with the new state government if any documents are required for this process. 

Other Alternative Ways To Get Free Moving Services For Disabled People

The only thing needed is collecting information from different sources to get free moving services for disabled people. There are also some local resources that you can use to receive free moving services for people with disabilities in this way. 

Contact Your County Government

You cannot get free moving services directly from the county government, but they are an excellent resource to connect you to other programs that offer them. The first step is to contact the county government about any relocation assistance programs available. Your local moving assistance program can provide you with free moving assistance.

Research Local Moving Companies

There is a perception that local moving companies only exist for the purpose of making money. Companies have different types of social responsibility to help the ill-fated. These types of people stand out in the crowd, so they also want to stand out. If you are disabled, you may be able to find local moving companies that are accommodating to your needs. Finding help in this tough time with several companies may be possible. 

Job Relocation Package 

The welfare policies of some companies differ from those of others. You may be able to find a job with any company, even if you are disabled. You may request a welfare policy of this type. You may be eligible for a free relocation package if any job relocation package is available. 

Local Religious Organization 

There are a lot of local nonprofit organizations and churches that help people in distress. This is another option since they believe helping others is another way to gain God’s love. Further, local religious organizations offer programs for less fortunate individuals, such as people with disabilities. A moving process that is a nightmare can be explained to them when it is a nightmare experience. You may then receive assistance. 

Some Tips To Follow For Free Moving Services For Disabled People

A lot of stress is involved in moving, including packing and deciding whether to keep certain items. As a result, it is crucial to remain quiet and go step by step to help organize the moving process.

Make a Moving Checklist 

You should create a moving checklist to avoid missing anything during the process. Before moving day, You must prepare this checklist and tick the items you plan to keep and pack on the list. In that case, a checklist won’t let you keep things.

Eliminate Unnecessary Elements

During the moving process, there are some items that you may decide not to include. Some people pack everything, but they need to remember some important things, like papers and other parts. Therefore, you should make a list of things you don’t need and a list of things you should keep a note of. 

Pack Carefully 

Whenever you pack things in boxes, ensure the boxes are strong enough to support the load. It is possible to see that boxes are broken and your belongings are damaged. Therefore, you should only be concerned about weight and load capacity. To ensure you know what is in the boxes, you can also list things you store in the boxes and tag on them with the list. If people have a lot of boxes when moving, this can be helpful. 

Get Ready To Go With Movers

It’s time to get ready to move with movers. When you sit down with them, the movers will need to know how many boxes you are moving to your new home. Furthermore, you can provide moving advice on handling the boxes since fragile items and elements may be present. Furthermore, you may discuss the process of packing and unpacking your things openly. 


What is the Best Way to Deal with Moving Stress?

It is a fact that moving is one of the most stressful tasks in a person’s life because it is costly, labor-intensive, and fast-paced. It is also possible to lose important papers and other costly things, which can cause people considerable anxiety. This is the reason why disabled people, in particular, experience stress during this process. It is, therefore, important that family members and loved ones stay with the moving process to support it emotionally and make it successful. 

How can I Get Rent Assistance?

It is not uncommon for us to need extra help getting through the first of the month until our next paycheck arrives, or we may face an emergency that drains our finances at an inopportune time. During this time, you may need help covering your rent. Some programs listed here that provide moving and housing assistance also provide rent assistance if you’re interested in specific rent programs, HUD and 211 offer many rent assistance programs.

What Do You Do When You Have Too Much Stuff to Move?

Because disabled people have to adapt their houses to their needs, they may have more stuff than others. In such a scenario, organizing all that stuff when you are moving is even more difficult.

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