Money Transfer Apps That Accept American Express In 2024

Money Transfer Apps That Accept American Express
Money Transfer Apps That Accept American Express

If you’re curious to know about Money Transfer Apps that accept American Express, you’ve come to the right place!

Most of our activities depend on the ability to transfer money quickly or instantly. The good news is that sending money with Money Transfer Apps That Accept American Express is now easier than ever.

A few clicks are all it takes to send money to anyone using money transfer apps. It is important to know which money transfer apps accept American Express cards and which don’t.

The given article will help you find the Money Transfer Apps That Accept American Express and how to use them To manage your finances wherever you are.

Let’s begin our journey

What Are Money Transfer Apps?

Mobile money transfer apps are digital platforms for sending and receiving money electronically via smartphones or computers. With these apps, it is easy to send money to friends, split bills, or send money to family members. The payment methods supported by Best International Money Transfer Apps often include bank accounts, debit cards, and credit cards.

What Is An American Express Card Money Transfer?

A money transfer through an American Express Card occurs when money is transferred between bank accounts. American Express Card Money Transfer is a convenient and quick option to send funds to another party. Unlike other forms of payment, you can set the amount and timing of your American Express Card money transfer. It is also possible to schedule recurring transfers with your recipient.

A fee will be charged by an American Express Card money transfer service based on the amount of the transfer. It is important to consider how much money needs to be transferred and how you want it done. A money transfer service through an American Express Card will provide you with a tracking number so you can keep track of the progress of your transfer. To complete the transaction, you must provide the recipient’s name and six-digit sort code after arranging the amount.

How Do American Express Card Money Transfers Work?

A fairly straightforward process for transferring money using an American Express Card exists. It is up to the sender to specify the amount of money to be transferred, the type of payment, and the instructions for the recipient. A recipient is then informed of the information and receives the funds from the sending bank. Transactions are usually paid for with an American Express Card by the sender. An instruction message is sent from the initiating bank to the recipient’s bank. After the reserve funds are received, they are deposited into the appropriate account by the receiving institution.

Top Money Transfer Apps That Accept American Express

These are a few Money Transfer Apps That Accept American Express, some of which are given below:


PayPal 1

It is the perfect solution for people who want to transfer funds to their friends, family, or anyone else. The transaction fee for PayPal is $2.99% if you are sending or receiving money from a business, while it is free for simple money transfers (consumer to consumer).

PayPal operates in more than 200 countries. You can complete the money transfer within seconds. It is necessary to verify your identity before registering.



There is nothing better than Payoneer. These two companies compete in the market. Payoneer’s fee structure is divided into three types. The first charge is $1.50 if you are sending money to a local bank account. Furthermore, 2% of the transferred amount is charged when sending a foreign bank. Additionally, you can transfer money from Payoneer to Payoneer at only 0.5% for regular customers. PayPal’s money transfer process is faster, but its money transfer process is a bit slower.



The Skrill platform offers the same services as Payoneer and PayPal. This card works internationally with any American Express debit, credit, or prepaid card. To transfer money internationally, it charges a foreign exchange fee of 3.9%.

People struggle to link their bank accounts to Skrill accounts in countries other than the US, UK, Canada, or any Western country. A crucial aspect of this problem can be observed in third-world countries.

Cash App

Cash App
Cash App

It is an app for money transfers based in the United States. You can send money through Cash App as well as pay instantly, deposit, etc. You can use it very easily, and the recipient gets the money almost instantly. Your transfer amount will be charged at 3% by Cash App. There are also very low fees associated with money transfers. However, cash App is only available in the United States and Great Britain.

Google Pay

Google Pay
Google Pay

Google Pay is becoming increasingly popular due to its versatility in Google services. It takes just a few taps of your finger to send money to contacts or pay for store purchases. You can make payments and ensure a smooth user experience with American Express cards available through Google Pay.

Ria Money Transfer

Ria Money Transfer
Ria Money Transfer

Ria Money Transfer offers money transfer services to over 160 countries. The company accepts American Express cards for funding transactions so that users can transfer money with ease.



You can also send money internationally with the Remitly app. You can also track your transactions while using the app, which offers transfers to over 100 countries at affordable rates. Your American Express card can be added to Remitly for a convenient and secure way to make transfers.


World Remit
World Remit

There is an app called WorldRemit that has been designed specifically for international money transfers, which is both convenient and secure. American Express is one of the payment methods supported by the service, which can send money abroad to over 150 countries. The user-friendly interface of WorldRemit simplifies cross-border transactions, while its competitive fees help reduce costs.

Western Union

Western Union
Western Union

The Western Union name has been synonymous with money transfers for a long time. The app allows you to send money internationally, track transfers, find the location of their agents, and track transfers. American Express cards can also be used to fund transfers through the app.

How to Use Money Transfer Apps That Accept American Express to Transfer Funds

The steps for using a Money Transfer Apps That Accept American Express cards are as follows:


 Make sure the Money Transfer Apps Accept American Express either through PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, or Google Pay.

Sign Up

 Make sure you register with the app by entering your email address or phone number.

Link Your American Express Card

Adding your American Express card to the app’s settings or wallet section is as simple as clicking the icon. The expiration date, security code, and card number may need to be entered.

Verify Your Card

 A small charge may be required for you to confirm your card, or a verification code may be sent to your email address or phone number.

Transfer Funds

The recipient must provide an email address, phone number, or app-specific username in order to receive money. Your American Express card as the payment method must match the amount you wish to send.

Transaction Confirmation

 Make sure you review your transaction details, including the recipient’s information, the amount transferred, and any applicable fees. The transfer must be confirmed in order to be completed.

Using a money transfer app that is compatible with your American Express card, you can easily send and receive money.

How to Open a Money Transfer App Account?

All money transfer apps require you to give the required information when you download and install them. Personal details will be required during the registration process, including your phone number, email address, bank details, and bank card information. To receive OTPs for multiple authentication purposes, a working mobile number is required.

Any transaction can only be conducted with a bank account that has sufficient funds in it since it is necessary to have one. Mobile apps often allow users to make purchases with their debit cards in addition to the app.

Once your account balance has reached a sufficient level, you can use your mobile device to make purchases.

Methods To Add Money To Money Transfer Apps That Accept American Express

There are numerous methods by which you can add funds to your Money Transfer Apps That Accept American Express. The following are some of them:

Use a Bank Account, Debit, Prepaid, or Credit Card

To complete transactions, most mobile money apps require the addition of a bank account or credit card. The majority of apps allow you to use a debit card or bank account for free. The use of a credit card comes with certain fees, however. A credit card transaction on Venmo, for example, incurs a 3% fee.

Receive From Others

It is possible for others to send you money using your details. Furthermore, a mobile money app can be used without a bank account since it allows you to receive funds from others. It is only the low transaction limits that cause problems.

Check Deposit

The mobile Money Transfer Apps That Accept American Express allows you to deposit a check. The process of depositing money does not require you to visit a bank. A check needs to be signed on the back; then, you need to take a picture of it using your app’s camera link and upload it to the app.

Direct Deposit Method

Direct deposit of government benefits or salaries does not require a bank account since a mobile money app allows you to receive funds. Banks generally do not allow direct deposits because you are required to wait two days before receiving your funds. Your routing number and account number are required since employers and agencies transfer money using them.

Advantages of Money Transfer Apps That Accept American Express

The following are some of the benefits of using Money Transfer Apps That Accept American Express:

Easy Convenience

The American Express app lets you send money to anyone without the need to visit a bank or use cash.


It is possible to send and receive money with Money Transfer Apps That Accept American Express in real-time or within minutes, as opposed to traditional methods of sending and receiving money.


Your financial information and transactions are typically protected by advanced encryption and security measures in money transfer apps that accept American Express.

The Rewards

 Money transfer apps may offer rewards or points, depending on the terms and conditions of your American Express card.

Transfers Abroad

American Express-accepting money transfer apps make it easy to send money overseas or manage overseas expenses for friends and family.

Ways To Use Money Transfer Apps That Accept American Express

There are many ways to use a Money Transfer Apps That Accept American Express. The following are among them:

Money Transfer

The Money Transfer allows you to send funds to other users by registering a phone number or an email address. You can send your funds using an app like Cash App by using a $Cashtag username. The American Express prepaid debit card, for instance, offers an app for sending money. A prepaid debit card from American Express Serve can be used to send money to other cardholders via the app.

Purchasing Goods

There are many mobile Money Transfer Apps That Accept American Express available that allow you to purchase goods, such as PayPal, Payoneer, Venmo, etc. It is necessary for you to have the usernames, phone numbers, or email addresses of businesses so that you can send them payments. Apps like Cash App and Payoneer allow you to pay online or at physical stores for goods and services.

Cost Savings

There are some apps that let you save money so that you can use it later. You can set aside money with Netspend prepaid cards, for instance.


What is the fastest way to send and receive money using Money Transfer Apps That Accept American Express?

There is a difference in transfer speed between apps and different types of transactions. Depending on the app, transfers can take a few minutes or even hours. More information about the app’s transfer times can be found on its website.

What is the maximum amount I can send using my American Express card?

There are different transfer limits depending on the app and your account status. American Express card users may be restricted from sending certain amounts via certain apps on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Specific information about transfer limits can be found in the app’s terms and conditions.

How can I avoid foreign transaction fees with an American Express Card?

Even though you can send money to several countries using an American Express Card, you may not get the best exchange rates. It is best to use a different money transfer service so that you can get the best rate. International agents are available through American Express Card, depending on where you are going. Money can be transferred without additional charges to many countries.

Can I use American Express to transfer money?

The American Express card is a valid method of transferring funds. A new feature called ‘Send & Split’ was added to the company’s latest product launch, which allows users to split the cost of purchase via Venmo or PayPal.

Is it possible to link my American Express card to several money transfer apps?

The American Express card can be linked to multiple money transfer apps without a problem. The terms and conditions of each app must be read to ensure compatibility.

Can I transfer money from American Express to PayPal?

As long as you use both applications, transferring funds from American Express to PayPal is very easy. You must have an AMEX Sending Account for PayPal to work properly. This account allows you to transfer money quickly and easily.


You can send money using your American Express card’s funds using the listed Money Transfer Apps That Accept American Express. Your friends, family, and business can receive the respective amount conveniently and securely through these apps. 

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