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Best Payday Loan Apps That Accept Chime In 2024

Best Payday Loan Apps That Accept Chime
Best Payday Loan Apps That Accept Chime

Would you like to discover which Best Payday Loan Apps That Accept Chime?

A popular mobile banking app, Chime offers services through its bank partners.

There are some problems, however, connecting Chime accounts with other popular banking apps, including some that offer interest-free loans until payday.

It’s important to know which Payday Loan Apps That Accept Chime before investing time and money in setting one up.

Let’s get started.

What Is Chime And How Does It Work?

Before heading to Best Payday Loan Apps That Accept Chime, first understand what Chime is.

A Chime account is not a bank account. It offers banking products through Bancorp Bank and Stride Bank. It is possible to insure Chime accounts with either of these banks since both of them belong to the FDIC.

 Chime Visa Debit Card comes with a spending account. A direct deposit spending account is designed for receiving paychecks. For those who want to build credit, Chime also offers a savings account and a secured credit card. To use these products, you must have a Chime spending account.

The following are some of the advantages of Chime:

  • The direct deposit option is available up to two days before payday.
  • Fees are low. A monthly fee, a minimum balance fee, or an overdraft fee are not charged.
  • A large network of ATMs. There are 60,000 ATMs in Chime’s network nationwide.
  • Pay with no fees. There are no fees for sending money to anyone who has a bank account.

There are some downsides, including difficulty depositing cash and a $200 daily transfer limit for online transfers. In order to use mobile check deposit, you must have a direct deposit account.

What is a Cash Advance?

You can withdraw cash using your credit limit on a credit card when you have a cash advance. It is possible to obtain a cash advance through your bank, at an ATM, or over the phone in some cases. You will usually have to pay a fee for the convenience of providing these funds quickly. The benefits of using them far outweigh the risks, which is why they’re best reserved for emergencies. 

There are several Payday Loan Apps That Accept Chime that allow you to request a cash advance. In contrast to payday loans and cash advances from credit cards, these apps do not charge high-interest rates. The majority of them offer 0% interest with fewer fees. When you receive a qualifying direct deposit, these Payday Loan Apps That Accept Chime will debit your account for the advance. 

Top 9 Best PayDay Loan Apps That Accept Chime

Below we have mentioned Payday Loan Apps That Accept Chime:


Albert is one of the Best Payday Loan Apps That Accept Chime

The Albert app analyzes your income and spending habits, makes saving and budget recommendations, and moves savings into a linked digital wallet.

The Albert software is free, but it offers the Albert Genius service for a fee. Once you’ve tried Genius for free, you can decide what you’re willing to pay, but there appears to be a minimum monthly fee of about $8. A micro-investment account and personal finance tips and advice from live experts round out Genius’ features.

Add Chime to Albert:

  • Open the Albert app
  • Select “Budget” from the menu
  • On the screen, click the plus sign (+)
  • Chime can also be searched if it’s not listed.
  • Log in to your Chime account

The Pros

  • A deposit in Albert Cash or Albert Savings is insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.
  • With an Albert Debit Card, users can receive up to 20% cashback on gas, groceries, and more.

The Cons

  • There are no personal finance tips or rewards included in Albert’s free version.
  • Customer service can only be reached by email or text
  • A Genius subscription is quite expensive


Varo is one of the Best Payday Loan Apps That Accept Chime

Varo offers cash advances up to $100 for citizens who qualify. To qualify, your Varo account must be open for at least 30 days, have at least $1,000 in deposit, and you must have deposited at least that amount within the last 30 days. Varo also offers 6% cash back upon use, but if you need a cash advance quickly, it may not be the best choice. A cash advance must also be repaid within 15-30 days of being used.

Add Chime to Varo

  • Sign in to your Varo account
  • Select “Accounts” from the menu
  • Go to “Link an Account” and click on it.
  • Enter your credentials in Chime and search for it.

The Pros

  • Varo cards offer users up to 6% cashback. Your bank account is automatically credited when the cashback amount reaches $5.
  • Varo offers high-yielding savings accounts.

The Cons

  • Cash advances are subject to complex criteria. A 30-day active account is required to qualify.
  • Cash advances are only available to those who have received $1,000 in direct deposits in the past 31 days. To use the Varo Bank Debit Card, the user must have a Varo Bank account linked to the card.
  • In the case of cash advances, there is a tiered fee structure.


MoneyLion is one of the Best Payday Loan Apps That Accept Chime

The MoneyLion app works with Chime and is a comprehensive banking platform. Cash advance limits at MoneyLion are also based on direct deposits, like Varo’s. It is possible for a user to get an advance of up to $250.

Add Chime To MoneyLion

  • Open the MoneyLion app
  • Select “Transfers”
  • Click on “Add Account.”
  • You can search for Chime

The Pros

  • You can get up to $1,000 in advance if you sign up with MoneyLion, which offers different financial products.
  • You can get instant cash advances with a MoneyLion Debit card.

The Cons

  • For cash advances, users must pay 3% to 5% as fees.
  • In the event that you are unable to repay your loan in full, MoneyLion will withdraw partial payments until you have fully repaid it
  • For a MoneyLion bank account, there is a $1 monthly fee.


Cleo is one of the Best Payday Loan Apps That Accept Chime

In addition to offering a $100 cash advance, Cleo offers budgeting, saving, and credit management tools. Several transactions offer cash back on purchases. The feature of cash advances is only available to Cleo Plus subscribers despite the fact that there are no processing fees.

Add Chime To Cleo

  • Open the Cleo app.
  • Go to “Manage Your Wallet.”
  • To update your bank, click “Update Bank.”
  • The Chime account information will need to be added.

The Pros

  • Several useful features in Cleo help users build credit and avoid overdrafts.
  • It offers tools for saving and budgeting that encourage users to save.

The Cons

  • Cleo does not offer free cash advances. A $5.99 monthly subscription fee is required for Cleo Plus or Cleo Builder.
  • An express transfer fee of $4 is charged by Cleo.


Empower is one of the Best Payday Loan Apps That Accept Chime

The Empower is the best PayDay Loan Apps That accept Chime. A cash advance from Empower can amount to $250. It is free to use Empower during the trial period, but you will need to enroll in the monthly subscription afterward. Empower does not charge you any interest or penalize you with late fees when you use the cash advance feature, even though you have to pay for it. A cash advance can be a great option for those who don’t mind paying a monthly subscription if they don’t want to pay hidden fees.

Add Chime To Empower

You will be asked to verify your information and link your bank account after signing up.

The Pros

  • The money that Empower advances is interest-free.
  • If you miss a payment, you will not be charged a late fee.
  • On its debit card, Empower Card, users can get cash advances with express delivery and no overdraft fees.

The Cons

  • A 14-day trial period is required to enroll in a monthly subscription of $8 for cash advances.


Dave is one of the Best Payday Loan Apps That Accept Chime

A Dave cash advance without a credit check is available through ExtraCash, Dave’s loan feature. The money you owe will not be subject to interest. It usually takes 1-3 business days for funds to arrive. The paid express option, similar to Venmo and Cash App, will transfer the advance to your Chime account as soon as possible.

Add Chime To Dave

  • Open your profile in the Dave app
  • Select “Linked Banks and Cards.”
  • Click “Change.”
  • Follow the prompts to find Chime

The Pros

  • Cash advances in Dave do not require interest or credit checks.
  • Dave Debit Mastercard® allows you to spend the money instantly. Low balances or waiting periods are not an issue.

The Cons

  • The monthly subscription fee for Dave is only $1.
  • The instant transfer of funds incurs additional fees.


Branch is one of the Best Payday Loan Apps That Accept Chime

The program allows workers whose employers participate in the program to access their wages early. The system allows people to access their money as soon as they earn it, breaking away from the traditional pay cycle. The program is only available to employees at traditional workplaces or offices. The program is not open to remote employees. A few criteria must be met before you can get an advance, even if you work in a traditional workplace that participates.

Add Chime To Branch

  • The Chime app is required for Branch users to link their accounts
  • Go to “Settings,” then “Payment Methods” in the Chime app
  • Select “Bank” from the “Add bank or card” menu
  • You must select “Instant Verification” and agree to allow Chime to link your Branch account using Plaid
  • Enter your Branch’s phone number on the “Select your bank” page.
  • Your Branch password, along with the code Branch texts you, must be entered
  • To finish linking your accounts, click “Next.”
  • Click “Add” in the Chime app to finish the process

The Pros

  • A wide range of financial wellness tools are available from the Branch for companies to use as part of their policy structure. All employees can use it to manage their finances.
  • During payday, users can get cash advances of up to 50% of their paycheck – limited to $500. These advances do not carry any fees.
  • A Branch Card is a debit card that comes with a free checking account that can be used to make purchases and pay bills. These cards do not have overdraft fees or minimum balance requirements.

The Cons

  • There are often problems with the Branch mobile app that cause cash advances to fail.


Klover is one of the Best Payday Loan Apps That Accept Chime

The cash advance limit at Klover is $200, but its eligibility requirements are more complex than those of its competitors. In order to qualify, Klover requires a minimum of three direct deposits from the same employer within the past two months. The average paycheck you receive must be $250 or more, you must have a bank account with three months’ history, and you must deposit funds regularly each week or biweekly. There will be no qualification for monthly or semi-monthly deposits. As well as overdraft protection, it provides spending insights. Your borrowing limit is increased through a points system.

Add Chime To Klover

When you register for Klover, simply follow the prompts to link your Chime account.

The Pros

  • You can sign up in a few minutes. Start-up is as simple as providing personal information, linking a bank account, and verifying a paycheck.
  • The Klover app offers daily sweepstakes where you can win extra money. Every day, cash rewards are announced to winners. The information you provide about yourself can also be converted to cash and increase the amount of the advance.

The Cons

  • The user must have made three consistent direct deposits during the last two months in order to qualify for an advance. The same employer must pay them, and there cannot be a gap in employment.

Chime SpotMe

Chime Spot Me
Chime Spot Me is one of the Best Payday Loan Apps That Accept Chime

There is no doubt that the Chime SpotMe is the best. It’s easiest to get a quick paycheck advance through SpotMe if you already have Chime. As low as $100 can be set, but as high as $200 can be set. SpotMe has the drawback that you may have to choose another app if you are not eligible for advancement.

The Pros

  • There is no overdraft fee, interest, or late fee.
  • SpotMe covers unlimited transactions.
  • Allows direct deposit to be made early

The Cons

  • It is not guaranteed that Chime users will be eligible.
  • A $20 overdraft limit is your initial overdraft limit.

What Are Payday Loan Apps That Accept Chime?

So, now the question is, What are Payday Loan Apps That Accept Chime? If you need extra cash before your next payday, advance apps are a fast, easy way to get it. A payday advance app is also called a cash app, a payday loan app, or a paycheck loan app.

The next pay period (or an agreed-upon due date) will automatically deduct the money from your account balance as a payment for the advance.

There may be a small fee or voluntary tip reward with Payday Loan Apps That Accept Chime, but they are generally more affordable than payday loans or credit cards. If you need extra cash, the Best Payday advance apps are worth considering.

Pros and Cons of Payday Loan Apps That Accept Chime

Check out the pros and cons of Payday Loan Apps That Accept Chime before looking for one.


  • Your money arrives fast, so you might be able to save on late fees
  • Payday loans and overdraft fees can be avoided
  • It’s easy to qualify. You don’t need to worry about your credit history since we won’t check it.
  • You won’t be charged interest
  • The risk of payday loans is lower overall


  • There is a monthly fee for a lot of apps, but it’s still cheaper than a payday loan.
  • There are some apps that charge fees for transfers, while others ask for tips.
  • If you borrow money from your next paycheck, you may run out of money again. Borrowing every month can become a cycle.

Are All Payday Loan Apps That Accept Chime Compatible?

There are times when Chime users have difficulty borrowing through cash advance apps due to connectivity issues.

Chime does not accept certain ACH e-checks, and some payment apps are not compatible with Chime because they are employer-sponsored. Your employer has to partner with them and offer the service to its employees so that you can use it.

There are many ways in which the industry tries to address some of these issues, but because it can take a long time to sign up for a cash advance app and establish a banking history (and it may require a monthly fee), Chime users should know which apps work before they begin.

What Is The Best Time To Borrow Money? 

Cash advances seem great when it comes to covering your expenses ahead of time. The credit score does not directly affect your ability to borrow money. The best way to appreciate them is if you’re trying to pay rent or utilities since these are typically non-negotiable. However, you should understand how to use these financial products effectively so you can stay on track with your budget. 

A savvy banker knows that cash advances are best used only when there are no other alternatives. The ease of obtaining a cash advance over a personal loan or payday loan doesn’t mean they are the best option. Paying for unexpected expenses with rainy day savings is often more beneficial than obtaining a cash advance. 

You should have a savings plan and a budget when you set up your finances. It can help you save money in case you need it fast. As well as overextending yourself financially, there are other bad habits to avoid. You will need to keep an eye on your finances to ensure you have what you need. 

Alternatives For Payday Loan Apps That Accept Chime

You should use cash advance apps if you need small amounts of money between paydays. There is usually a maximum loan amount of $250. The app limits new users to borrowing $50 at a time until they have used it for at least several months.

You may want to consider alternatives to cash advance apps if they are too restrictive for your needs:

  • You can withdraw cash from your card if you need money fast. There will be a transaction fee and interest charged immediately without a grace period, but your limit could be higher than a cash advance app. There are high-interest rates on cash advances, so consider a card like the PenFed Platinum Rewards Visa Signature® Card that offers a lower rate than average.
  • In times of financial stress, many states and cities offer programs to help people cover food, utilities, and rent. Considering these resources, you tend to rely on cash advance apps.
  • It is possible to bring your spending back in line with your income by working with a credit counselor. Depending on your budget, they may even be able to find enough “free money” to avoid borrowing money at all.

FAQs For Best Payday Loan Apps That Accept Chime

Can I use any Payday Loan Apps That Accept Chime?

It is possible to use many Best Payday Loan Apps That Accept Chime, but not all of them are compatible. You should confirm that your Chime account can be linked to each financial platform and the app.

Does Earnin work with Chime?

A support program for Chime users is currently being developed by Earnin. Earnin’s website states that the app is only available to a small group of Chime users. The Earnin app lets you check whether your Chime account is supported by choosing it from the bank list. You can enable “Allow Transactions” in your Chime settings if it is supported, so Earnin can send you “Cash Outs” (or advances) when you’re paid.

Does Brigit work with Chime?

The Brigit app is, unfortunately, not compatible with Chime at the moment due to connectivity issues.

How do repayments work with cash advance apps?

Your next direct deposit paycheck usually automatically deducts repayments from your Chime spending account. Flexible repayment options may be available on some apps, allowing partial payments or extensions.

Are there alternatives to cash advance apps? 

Yes, Chime offers a SpotMe feature in addition to its cash advance apps. Traditional personal loans, credit cards, and borrowing from family and friends are also alternatives.

Do all cash advance apps offer the same amount of advance?

 In most cases, the maximum loan amount varies between apps, and the amount you qualify for depends on various factors, such as your direct deposit history, spending habits, and other financial factors.


You won’t want to embarrass your family and friends when you need money urgently. For this reason, Best Payday Loan Apps That Accept Chime are considered to be a convenient way of obtaining cash quickly.

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