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Free Online Banking No ID Required in 2024

Free Online Banking No ID Required
Free Online Banking No ID Required

Want to know how To find Free Online Banking No ID required? If yes, your search ends here.

A virtual account with easy registration is available, however. The purpose of this guide is to explain how to open a Free Online Banking No ID Required.

Then we advise on the best free online checking accounts with low requirements, such as Chime, which requires no opening deposit; Wise, which does not require a social security number; and much more.

Let’s get started.

Can I Get Free Online Banking No ID Required?

You can open a Free Online Banking No ID Required. However, it is only permitted by a limited number of banks.

The process of opening a bank account online is possible without a valid ID. In the US, government verification is required. The absence of ID verification prevents you from opening a bank account.

Top Free Online Banking No ID Required



Chime is ranked among the best online accounts in the US. It is also considered to be an excellent mobile banking app and a debit card with no deposit required to open an account.

You can opt to open a Chime (High Yield) Savings (“HYS”) Account with APY3 (which requires a Chime Checking Account), which builds credit without requiring any debt. The free ATM withdrawals offered by Chime even extend across Mexico and the United Kingdom. Your other bank accounts can be linked for free, and money can be sent instantly to friends who already have Chime cards.

To open an account, you’ll need your social security number.



There is a good reason why the Majority calls itself an all-in-one bank for migrants. There are 20 countries where you can make free international calls using the online bank account app, including Mexico, the United Kingdom, and the United States. There are also low rates offered for other countries.

In addition to topping up airtime to your family members’ phones, you can send money internationally transfers through international money transfer app, and using a debit card that charges no foreign transaction fees, you can also contact multilingual customer service. A monthly membership to Majority costs $5.99.

In most cases, the Majority does not require an SSN but does ask for proof of US residency.



There are several options for checking accounts offered by Revolut, including some that charge a monthly fee. A standard account is also available for free.

All of these accounts are among the easiest to open online. It takes minutes, all on your phone, and you won’t have to go to a branch or complete any paperwork. You’ll probably have to verify your ID, but you can do that with your phone and a few photos.


Wise, Free Online Banking No ID Required

A powerful multi-currency account available everywhere, including Antarctica, is the Wise Multi-Currency Account.

There are four main features of the mobile and desktop apps:

  • Cheap international money transfers.
  • A multi-currency debit card.
  • Details of accounts in ten countries.
  • The ability to hold up to 53 currencies.

Your nationality and country of residence will determine the availability of these four products.

There is no need for proof of US residency to get Free Online Banking and No ID Required with Wise. Only residents of one of Wise’s 218 countries, islands, and territories need to prove residency.

Required Documents For Free Online Banking No ID Required

In order to open a Free Online Banking No ID Required, you will need the following information: 

  • SSN (Social Security Number)  
  • The current address of your residence
  • Diver’s License as a secondary ID
  • Email address that is valid
  • Information about co-applicant(s), if any

The following requirements are required to open an online account with most banks. In some banks, these might not be allowed. Many banks require a valid Social Security Number and government-verified photo identification. These IDs are verified by the government

  • Passport,
  • An active diver’s License
  • A municipal identification card

A secondary identification card might also be requested by some banks. Therefore, opening an account without an ID is quite difficult.

Reasons To Open Free Online Banking No ID Required

It is not possible to Online Banking No ID Required. A bank is required by law to ensure that clients meet age and residency eligibility requirements and to verify their identity actively. A person who opens a bank account without an ID may face the following consequences:

  • If you do not provide proper identification, your bank account application will not be approved.
  • Attempting to open a bank account without an ID may be considered fraud, which is a crime.
  • A person who opens a bank account without an ID runs the risk of their money being taken by someone else. An account holder’s identity could be compromised if the bank is unable to verify it.
  • You may have difficulty accessing loans, credit cards, or mortgages without a bank account.

The Matricula consular or a foreign passport may be accepted by some banks as alternative forms of ID. For legal and financial reasons, it is best to have proper identification when opening a bank account.

Alternative Forms of ID That Banks May Accept

It is possible to open a bank account with an alternative form of identification accepted by banks and credit unions. Banks may accept the following alternative forms of ID:

The Foreign Passport

 A foreign passport may be accepted by some banks as a primary photo identification.

An American Passport Card

Passport cards may be accepted as secondary identification by some banks.

Id for Public Assistance

 An ID from the public assistance program may be accepted as a secondary form of identification by some banks.

The Alien Registration Card

 An alien registration card may be accepted by some banks as a secondary form of identification.

Citizenship Card

 A permanent resident card may be accepted as a secondary form of identification by some banks.

Card for US Employment Authorization

 US employment authorization cards may be accepted by some banks as secondary forms of identification.

The types of alternative IDs accepted by banks may vary, and some banks may have stricter documentation requirements than others. The best way to find out what forms of ID the bank accepts is to contact them directly.

Why Is It Difficult To Obtain A Bank Account?

There are several reasons why you may not be able to Free Online Banking No ID Required, including:

  • The number of overdrafts and non-sufficient funds in other accounts is too high
  • An account with a negative balance in another bank
  • Account closure initiated by a bank
  • The amount owed to the bank by outstanding debts
  • Involvement in illegal activities, money laundering, or fraud

A detailed explanation should be provided by the bank if your bank account application is denied. To increase your chances of approval, you can improve your situation or explore other options.

Can You Open Bank Account Online Without SSN or ITIN?

A traditional bank account and a virtual bank account can both be opened without an SSN and ITIN. There are, however, limited options available to you. Most banks will not allow immigrants to open an account if they do not have a Social Security Number or an ITIN. You also have the option of opening a bank account without your SSN or ITIN if you want to open a bank account without your photo ID or SSN.

The SSN or ITIN is needed for secondary verification and to keep track of your earnings by the bank. The Majority of banks require a Social Security Number or ITIN. It is not required by all banks, however.

Why Someone Might Not Have An ID When Opening a Bank Account?

There are several reasons why you may not be able to Free Online Banking No ID Required:

Identity Lost or Stolen

 It is possible to lose one’s ID or experience theft and not be able to obtain the necessary identification to open a bank account.

The Homeless

 There may be a lack of permanent addresses and identification documents for those experiencing homelessness.

An Immigrant Or a Refugee

 The lack of essential identification documents can complicate the process of opening a bank account for new immigrants or refugees.

Low-Income Individuals

 The cost of obtaining proper identification documents may be too high for low-income individuals.

A Young Adult

 The documents needed to open a bank account are often lacking in young adults who are just starting out.


Is it possible to open a bank account without an ID?

A bank account cannot be opened without an ID. In order to verify your age and residency, banks are required by law to verify your information.

Can I open a bank account without a social security number?

You can do that. In order to open a bank account with Revolut, Majority, or Wise, you do not need a social security number or ITIN.

In which bank can I open an account with no money?

There are banks and money apps, such as Revolut, Varo, and Chime offering no-minimum deposit checking accounts. A no-deposit account allows you to open one without making a deposit and then move money over later.
You can open an account with Discover Online with bad credit if you need the easiest way to open an account. A bank lets you open an account without impacting your credit score.

Which bank account can I open instantly?

There is always some processing time involved with bank accounts, but it can be as little as a few minutes in some cases. When you use Chime’s mobile app and virtual debit card, you can start using it almost immediately.

Can I open a Bank account without a driver’s License?

Yes, you can open a bank account without a driver’s License. Banks usually accept driver’s licenses to open new accounts because they are one of the many identification cards. A bank account can be opened with your passport, state ID card, resident alien ID, or military ID.


Despite these challenges, opening a Free Online Banking No ID Required remains challenging. A valid ID is typically required for verification by banks. Alternative ID acceptance, low-fee accounts, and financial education are promoted by initiatives such as Bank On. In spite of these efforts, prepaid debit cards, check-cashing services, and digital wallets provide alternatives for those without traditional IDs. In an evolving banking landscape, individuals can access financial services by exploring these alternatives, highlighting the importance of financial inclusion.

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