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Online Store Credit Cards Guaranteed Approval No Deposit

Online Store Credit Cards Guaranteed Approval No Deposit
Online Store Credit Cards Guaranteed Approval No Deposit

Are you looking for Online Store Credit Cards Guaranteed Approval No Deposit? If yes, You are at the right place.

Explore our range of online store credit cards with guaranteed approval and no deposit required. Some online store credit cards offer almost guaranteed approval. 

With more people choosing online shopping over retail stores, the demand for online shopping credit cards is also on the rise. From gadgets to groceries, people are buying everything online and they certainly want to be rewarded for these expenses. This is why leading banks and NBFCs are offering credit cards with exclusive benefits on online shopping. While some cards offer additional benefits with co-branded platforms, others offer generous rewards on all kinds of online shopping. To help you choose the best credit card for your needs.

However, it would be best if you were careful before applying. Not all are good deals; some won’t help you grow your credit.

What is a store credit card?


Retail credit cards are divided into two categories: store credit cards and co-branded credit cards. Store credit cards are sometimes called closed-loop cards because they can only be used in that store. On the other hand, co-branded cards are open-loop cards that can be used anywhere Visa or Mastercard accepts them. It may have a particular retailer’s logo, but it can be used widely.

For example, Amazon offers both its store card and Prime Visa card. Amazon’s store card only works at Amazon, while it’s accepted everywhere Visa is accepted.

What are Online Store Credit Cards Guaranteed Approval No Deposit?

What are Online Store Credit Cards Guaranteed Approval No Deposit?
What are Online Store Credit Cards Guaranteed Approval No Deposit?

Online store credit cards that advertise “guaranteed approval with no deposit” are a type of credit product that claims to offer a high chance of approval for a credit card without requiring an upfront security deposit, even for those with poor or limited credit history. These cards are typically targeted toward consumers needing help getting standard credit cards. Here’s a closer look at what they generally entail:

High Approval Rates: 

These cards often have less stringent approval criteria than traditional credit cards, making them accessible to a wider range of credit profiles, including those with poor credit history.

No Security Deposit:

Unlike secured credit cards, which require a deposit that typically becomes the credit limit, these cards do not require any upfront payment as collateral.

Store-Specific Use:

Some cards are tied to specific online stores or retail chains, meaning they can only be used for purchases at those businesses.

Credit Building Opportunity:

They can be a tool for building or rebuilding credit. Users can improve their credit scores by using the card and making timely payments.

Potential Limitations and Fees:

These cards have limitations such as lower credit limits, higher interest rates, and additional fees compared to standard credit cards. It’s crucial to read the terms and conditions.

Marketing Terms:

The term “guaranteed approval” is often a marketing strategy. While these cards may have high approval rates, only some cards can truly guarantee approval for some applicants, as issuers will still have some basic criteria.

Alternative to Traditional Credit Cards

They provide an alternative for those who might not qualify for traditional credit cards due to their credit history or lack thereof.

It’s important to approach these cards cautiously, as they might only sometimes offer the most favorable terms. Always read the fine print, understand the fees and interest rates, and consider how the card fits into your financial strategy. Exploring other options like secured credit cards or credit-builder loans is also good for those looking to improve their credit.

Here are some options if you pursue an online store: credit card guaranteed approval with Bad credit or No Deposit.

Top 5 Online Store Credit Cards Guaranteed Approval No Deposit?

Here are some of the top online store credit cards that offer guaranteed approval with no deposit as of January 2024:

Target RedCard Store Credit Card

Target RedCard Store Credit Card

The Target RedCard offers 5% off purchases, including groceries and clothing. If you’re a Target lover, consider it. The unique feature of this card is that you receive it instantly at checkout, unlike other cards, which offer rewards like cash back or points that must be redeemed later.

Besides a 5% discount, you can save hundreds of thousands of items at and return or exchange items for an additional 30 days with free two-day shipping.

By signing up for Target marketing emails, RedCard holders receive exclusive access to product launches and a coupon for 10% off their next purchase.

Benefits of Target RedCard 

  • 5% Discount: A 5% discount on most purchases at Target and
  • Free Shipping: Free 2-day shipping on numerous items from
  • Extended Returns: An additional 30 days are required for returns and exchanges.
  • Exclusive Deals: Access to special items and offers for REDcard holders.
  • No Annual Fee: There is no yearly cost to maintain the card.

Pros and Cons of Target RedCard 

5% discount on most purchases at Target and Target.comHigh APR (Annual Percentage Rate)
Free 2-day shipping on many items from Target.comLimited to use only at Target stores and online
Additional 30 days for returns and exchangesRewards and discounts are not applicable outside Target
No annual feeHigh interest costs if balances are carried over
Exclusive deals and special offers for cardholdersLimited redemption options for rewards

Walmart Rewards Card

Walmart Rewards Card

As a Walmart Rewards Cardholder, you’ll get 5% cash back on your purchases at and on the Walmart app and 2% cash back at Walmart stores, Walmart fuel stations, and Murphy USA stations.

During the first 12 months from account opening, you can earn 5% back on in-store purchases using Walmart Pay. However, the rewards rate for in-store purchases is lower than that for online and app transactions.

You can only use this card at Walmart properties, but if you’re looking for a card that can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted, you should consider the Capital One Walmart Rewards Mastercard. In addition to the store card, Capital One Walmart offers 2% cashback on restaurants and travel and 1% cashback on other purchases.

Benefits of Walmart Rewards Card

  • 5% Cash Back on Online Purchases: Earns 5% cash back on purchases, including grocery pickup and delivery.
  • 2% Cash Back In-Store: Offers 2% cash back on Walmart in-store purchases.
  • Rewards on Dining and Travel: Earns 2% cash back on dining and travel purchases.
  • No Annual Fee: No fee is charged annually for card use.
  • Versatile Redemption Options: Rewards can be redeemed for statement credits, travel, gift cards, or Walmart purchases.

Pros and Cons of Walmart Rewards Card

5% cash back on and for grocery pickup and deliveryLimited rewards for in-store purchases (2% back)
2% cash back on Walmart in-store purchases, dining, travel, and at Walmart and Murphy USA gas stationsIntroductory offer requires using Walmart Pay mobile wallet
No annual fee and no foreign transaction feeHigh variable purchase APR; interest could outweigh rewards if carrying a balance
Various redemption options including statement credit, travel, and gift cardsLimited appeal for non-Walmart purchases
Instant digital card use upon approvalMay be assigned a more limited card if not approved for Mastercard version

Amazon Prime Store Card

Amazon Prime Store Card

Amazon Prime members should check out the Amazon Prime Store Card, which offers 5% cash back on purchases (but not on Amazon-owned grocery stores, such as Whole Foods).

You must pay off your balance before the interest-free period ends to avoid deferred interest. Otherwise, you will incur a charge for interest accrued during the special financing period.

Also, you cannot earn both 5% cashback and promotional financing at the same time.

If you don’t have a Prime membership, you can apply for an Amazon Store Card, which offers the same financing offers but no rewards. Or you can apply for the Prime Visa and Amazon Visa if you want to use a card virtually anywhere.

Benefits of Amazon Prime Store Card

  • 5% Back for Prime Members: Earns 5% back on Amazon purchases for Amazon Prime members.
  • Amazon Gift Card on Approval: Provides a gift card upon card approval.
  • Special Financing Options: Offers options for promotional financing on larger purchases.
  • Exclusive to Amazon: Can be used for purchases on Amazon and Amazon-owned businesses.
  • No Annual Fee: The card has no annual fee (separate from Amazon Prime membership fees).

Pros and Cons of Amazon Prime Store Card

5% back on Amazon purchases for Prime membersHigh APR of 29.99%
Amazon gift card upon approvalCan only be used for Amazon purchases
Promotional financing options on purchases over $150Risk of deferred interest with special financing options
No annual fee (separate from Prime membership cost)Requires Amazon Prime membership for best benefits
Exclusively for Amazon and Amazon-owned businessesLimited utility compared to general credit cards

Costco Anywhere Visa Card by Citi

Costco Anywhere Visa Card by Citi

You can use the Costco Anywhere Visa Card by Citi when you shop at the warehouse and make purchases outside the store. For the first $7,000 in the year, cardholders receive 4% cash back on gas purchases and electric vehicle charging purchases (then 1%), 3% cash back on travel purchases and restaurants, 2% cash back on eligible Costco purchases, and purchases, and 1% cashback on all other purchases.

This card offers generous cash back, but there are limits to how you can redeem your rewards. Costco credit card rewards can only be redeemed at U.S. Costco Warehouses after each February billing cycle ends. Find out how to redeem Costco credit card rewards here.

Co-branded cards offer additional benefits, such as worldwide travel accident insurance and car rental insurance, as well as travel and emergency assistance.

To open this card, you must be a Costco member. Annual membership costs $60 (Gold Star) or $120 (Executive).

Benefits of Costco Anywhere Visa Card by Citi

  • High Gas Rewards: 4% cash back on eligible gas purchases (including EV charging) for the first $7,000 per year, then 1% afterward.
  • Dining and Travel Rewards: 3% cash back on dining and eligible travel purchases.
  • Costco Purchases: 2% cash back on all purchases from Costco and
  • Other Purchases: 1% cash back on all other purchases.
  • No Foreign Transaction Fees: Ideal for international use without extra charges.
  • Travel and Emergency Assistance: Includes worldwide travel accident insurance.
  • No Annual Credit Card Fee: A Costco membership (starting at $60/year) is required.

Pros and Cons of Costco Anywhere Visa Card by Citi

4% cash back on eligible gas and EV charging purchases for the first $7,000 per year, then 1%Requires excellent credit for approval
3% cash back on dining and eligible travel purchasesReward redemption is once a year in the form of a certificate
2% cash back on Costco and purchasesRewards can be lost if not redeemed by the end of the year
1% cash back on all other purchasesCostco membership required (costs start at $60/year)
No foreign transaction feesNo sign-up bonus
Includes travel and emergency assistance and worldwide travel accident insurance

Lowe’s Advantage Card

Lowe's Advantage Card

The Lowe’s Advantage Card can be beneficial if you plan to renovate or shop at a home improvement store frequently. You can benefit from special financing offers and 5% off eligible purchases.

Interest is not charged if you pay in full within six months on purchases of $299 or more. On purchases of $2,000 or more, there are sometimes project financing opportunities at fixed interest rates for 36, 60, or 84 months.

The 5% discount cannot be combined with special financing offers, and if you fail to pay your balance before the interest-free period ends, you will pay deferred interest.

Benefits of Lowe’s Advantage Card

  • 5% Discount: Provides an automatic 5% discount on most purchases at Lowe’s.
  • Special Financing Options: Offers special financing options, including 6 months of no interest on purchases over $299 and 84 months of fixed payments on purchases over $2,000.
  • No Annual Fee: The card does not have an annual fee.

Pros and Cons of Lowe’s Advantage Card 

5% discount on most purchases at Lowe’sHigh regular APR of 28.99%, which can be costly if balances aren’t paid in full
Special financing options, including 6 months no interest on purchases over $299Limited use, as the card can only be used at Lowe’s stores or on
No annual fee, making it a cost-effective choice for frequent Lowe’s shoppersRisk of retroactive interest with special financing if the balance is not paid in full by the end of the promotional period
Special financing and discount cannot be combined on a single purchase

Each card has its terms and conditions, and it’s important to consider these carefully before applying. Remember that while they offer easier approval, they may come with higher fees and interest rates.

These cards are generally geared towards individuals with poor to fair credit scores, offering the opportunity to build or rebuild credit. However, they often come with high fees and APRs, which should be carefully considered before applying. It’s important to weigh these pros and cons against your financial situation and goals.

How Do I Apply For an Online Store Credit Cards Guaranteed Approval No Deposit?

Applying for an online store credit card with guaranteed approval and no deposit can be a straightforward process, but it’s important to approach it with caution and awareness. Here are the general steps you would typically follow:

Research and Select the Card

Start by researching various online store credit cards that offer guaranteed approval with no deposit. Be cautious, as some offers might be too good to be true. Check the terms and conditions, interest rates, fees, and rewards or benefits the card offers.

Check Eligibility Criteria

Even though these cards might be advertised as “guaranteed approval,” some basic eligibility criteria could still be like age, income, or residency. Ensure that you meet these requirements.

Apply Online

Once you’ve selected a card, visit the store’s or credit card issuer’s websites. Look for the application form for the credit card. Fill in the required personal and financial information accurately. This typically includes your name, address, Social Security Number, employment information, and income details.

Submit the Application

After completing the application, please review it to ensure all information is correct and submit it. 

Wait for Approval

After applying, there will be a processing period. Some cards offer instant approval, while others might take a few days. 

Understand the Terms

Once approved, make sure to understand the credit card terms thoroughly. This includes the interest rate, fees, credit limit, and penalties.

Use Responsibly

If you receive the card, use it responsibly. Remember that misusing or overusing any credit card can lead to debt and negatively impact your credit score.

Remember, while “guaranteed approval” cards can be appealing, especially for those with poor or no credit history, they often come with high-interest rates and fees. It’s also important to be aware of potential scams. Always apply through the official website or verified channels, and be wary of offers that seem too good to be true. If you need clarification on a particular card or offer, consider seeking advice from a financial advisor. If you’re looking for credit options with a 400 credit score and no deposit, check out our complete guide.

Are Online Store Credit Cards With No Deposit Worth It?

An online store card with guaranteed approval may be a good option for those looking to improve their credit score or build credit for the first time. It will provide you with a credit account to help you build credit.

You can purchase some items through these networks regularly, but different from them, they are meant to be used for something other than regular shopping.

It would be best to use them to establish a good payment history, increase your credit limit as many times as possible, and manage your mix of credit, which means buying only what you need and making all your payments on time.

It is important to remember that the merchants offering these cards need to make money. They often do this by overpricing the items they sell.

Secured credit cards are a great alternative to online store cards – which are often not a great deal.

When you finally get a strong enough credit score, even with bad credit, you can get an unsecured credit card.

Pros and Cons of Online Store Credit Cards Guaranteed Approval No Deposit

“Online store credit cards with guaranteed approval and no deposit” are a specific type of financial product, and they have their own set of advantages and disadvantages:

Easy Approval: Ideal for individuals with poor or limited credit history as they often come with guaranteed approval.High Interest Rates: Typically have higher APRs, making them more expensive if carrying a balance.
No Deposit Required: Unlike secured credit cards, these cards do not require a security deposit.Limited Use: May be restricted to purchases from the issuing store or website only.
Credit Building: Can help in building or improving a credit score if used responsibly.Low Credit Limits: Generally come with lower credit limits, limiting purchasing power.
Rewards and Discounts: Often offer store-specific rewards, discounts, or promotional offers.Potential for Overspending: Easy approval and discounts may encourage unnecessary spending.
Immediate Access: Some cards offer instant use for online purchases upon approval.Fees: May include additional fees, like annual fees or maintenance fees.

It’s important to read the terms and conditions carefully and consider your spending habits and financial goals before applying for such cards. They can be beneficial for building credit but come with certain risks and limitations.

How To Guarantee Online Store Credit Card Approval:

Here are some of the ways where we can say Guarantee Approval for Online Store Credit Card:

Get a secured credit card

Compared to other credit cards, secured cards have the highest approval rates since they require a refundable security deposit, which serves as your credit line. In addition, secured cards have just as much credit-building potential as unsecured cards because they guarantee the issuer can pay the balance and make the cards fairly easy to get.

Capital One Platinum Secured Credit Card and Harley-Davidson Secured Credit Card may be good choices if you want a secured credit card.

Pay bills on time

If you pay on time every time, your credit score should rise quickly. Your payment history is one of the biggest factors in your credit score and one of the most controllable.

Keep utilization low

Using less than 30% of your credit line each month is important to improve your credit score.

Pay down your debt

Lenders are reluctant to give you more spending power if you owe other creditors. This means you need more money to repay on a new credit card. Chipping away at debts increases your chances of approval by making your ability to pay more evident.

Boost your income & savings

You can’t get approved for a credit card if the issuer thinks you won’t be able to pay the bills. In an unsecured credit card, you may get a higher limit based on your income. You can make a difference by working a little overtime, searching for a higher-paying job, or requesting a raise.

Have funds available

To get a credit card, you’ll need a way to pay monthly bills, whether a savings account, checking account, or another deposit account.

With these tips, you can raise your credit score quickly. Check out WalletHub’s free personalized credit analysis for advice tailored to your situation.

What Credit Score Do I Need to Get a Credit Card With Guaranteed Approval?

What Credit Score Do I Need to Get a Credit Card With Guaranteed Approval?

Getting guaranteed approval credit cards don’t require a magic credit score number since every credit card company has its criteria for acceptance – and none will publicly reveal them.

Creditworthiness is determined not only by your credit score but also by other factors, such as how much debt and income you have. Even with good credit, your application could still be accepted if you have too much debt and need more income.

Bad credit applicants may still qualify if they have little debt and can support additional credit card debt with their income.

Your credit score will impact your interest rate, but there is no set credit score for approval.

Credit card companies look at recent financial history as well as past information. For example, a late payment three months ago will have a much greater impact on your credit score than a payment three years ago.

Here the estimated minimum credit card APR based on FICO credit scores, with different ranges of credit ratings from Excellent to Bad.

Credit RatingCredit ScoreEstimated APR
Excellent>80010% to 13%
Very Good740-79914% to 17%
Good670-73918% to 21%
Fair580-66922% to 25%

If you are applying for a credit card, you should check your free annual credit report to see if there is any recent or potentially damaging information. It would help if you waited to push those items down your history and replace them with positive information before applying.

FAQs For Online Store Credit Cards Guaranteed Approval No Deposit

Do Store Credit Cards Offer Guaranteed Approval?

No, Store credit cards do not offer guaranteed approval. Approval typically depends on credit history, income, and other factors. However, some cards marketed to those with poor credit may have more lenient approval criteria.

How Are Store Credit Cards Different From General-Purpose Cards?

Store credit cards are typically only usable at the specific retailer or a group of affiliated stores, and they often offer rewards and incentives tailored to the retailer. General-purpose credit cards can be used almost anywhere and offer a wider range of rewards like cashback or travel points. Store cards are usually easier to get and have higher interest rates, while general-purpose cards may have annual fees and broader benefits.

Are Online Store Credit Cards Guaranteed Approval No Deposit Worth It?

Online store credit cards with guaranteed approval and no deposit may sometimes be worth it. They often come with high-interest rates and limited usability, mostly restricted to specific online stores. They’re generally designed for those with poor credit history but should be used cautiously due to potential financial drawbacks.

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