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6 Guaranteed Installment Loans for Bad Credit

6 Guaranteed Installment Loans for Bad Credit
6 Guaranteed Installment Loans for Bad Credit

Are you curious about how to get 6 Guaranteed Installment Loans for Bad Credit with a hassle-free procedure? Your search ends here.

The consumer credit world rarely offers hard-and-fast guarantees, but lenders with flexible credit requirements willing to take a chance on people with poor or limited credit histories tend to be abundant.

Only through lenders with flexible credit requirements specifically catering to people with bad credit are you likely to find Guaranteed Installment Loans. It’s almost guaranteed that the right lender will approve a credit application, even though every credit application comes with risk.

In the following paragraphs, we’ll discuss some of what might be considered guaranteed installment loans for bad credit. Credit cards are also alternatives you might consider.

Now, let’s get started.

What Are Installment Loans for Bad Credit?

A bad credit installment loan is a secured or unsecured loan designed specifically for consumers with lower credit scores. Applicants without an established credit history may also qualify for the loans. In order to compensate for the safety risk posed by less qualified borrowers, these installment loans usually have higher interest rates, lower loan amounts, and shorter repayment terms.

A lump sum is disbursed to the borrower in the first month of an installment loan, and interest begins accruing from that point. Loan payments must be made at the same time every month until the loan term is over and the remaining balance has been repaid. Mortgages, personal loans, and auto loans are the three most common types of installment loans.

Loans for bad credit borrowers are offered by some lenders with less stringent qualifications. In the same way, lenders may also look at alternative credit data, including that provided by specific credit companies. The credit score requirements of other financial institutions may be lower, and they might also allow you to apply with a co-signer. A secured loan may also have less stringent credit requirements as lenders take on less risk with a secured loan.

How Does An Installment Loan Work?

How Does An Installment Loan Work
How Does An Installment Loan Work

People can borrow money in an installment loan, which is disbursed in a lump sum and repaid over a period of one to 30 years. Payments on these loans are typically made every month and have a fixed interest rate.

The principal amount borrowed is partially paid off with each monthly payment, and the interest is partially paid off. Once the loan principal and interest are paid off, the lender will close the account, and you will continue making the monthly loan payments.

Types of Guaranteed Installment Loans for Bad Credit

There are many types of Guaranteed Installment Loans. There are several types of loans, and the characteristics of each and the purposes for which they are used are different.

A Personal Loan

In the context of personal loans, unsecured installment loans that are repaid during a fixed period at a fixed interest rate are termed personal loans. The repayment terms on this loan range from 24 months to 60 months, with some lenders offering terms as high as 72 months. They can be obtained from lenders such as online lenders, private lenders, and credit unions. These loans are provided as lump sums and can be used for a wide variety of purposes. They range in amount from $1,000 to $100,000. There are some lenders who limit what kind of loans can be used, such as for school costs and gambling.


An installment loan secured by a mortgage is also common. The most popular mortgages require homeowners to repay the borrowed money with a fixed interest rate over 15 or 30 years. Loan amounts for mortgages can reach much higher levels than personal loans, sometimes over $1 million to finance homes in expensive neighborhoods. Mortgages are associated with lower interest rates since a home secures them. There can be a 30-day to 60-day delay in the mortgage process. A lender uses your income, job stability, credit history, down payment savings, and total debt to determine whether you can repay the loan.

Auto Loans

An installment loan secured by a car is another popular type. Car loans are typically used to finance the purchase price balance of a car after the consumer makes a down payment or trades in their old vehicle. The car loan is paid back in full by making monthly payments to the lender. You can usually get a loan within a day if you are buying a new car from a dealership or online. A bank or credit union may require more time if you finance a used car you purchase from a private party.

A Student’s Loan

A student loan can either be private or federal. These are both installment loans that are only available to pay for college tuition and expenses associated with attending college. A federal student loan is the most popular kind of loan available to any student who qualifies. A federal student loan does not require a minimum credit score, and no credit check is conducted unless you are applying for a Direct PLUS loan for parents, graduate students, or professionals.

Buy Now, Pay Later Loans

You can buy now and pay later loans, which allow you to pay for purchases in installments at no interest for a short period. Because you make payments over a specific period, which is typically a few weeks, BNPL loans can be convenient. Still, they can also cause overspending because they encourage you to spend more than you can afford to repay.

Payday Loans

Payday loans are Guaranteed Installment Loans secured by your paycheck, so you don’t have to worry about a credit check. Payday loans are often regarded as predatory loans that are intended to help consumers in a time of need or when they do not qualify for other loans. Generally, the maximum amount is $500, lower than that of a personal loan. Furthermore, the interest rates on these loans tend to be much higher than those on conventional loans.

Taking out a payday loan is a high-cost, short-term financial obligation that can trap borrowers in a debt cycle for years. However, some individuals may find relief through the use of Best PayDay Advance Apps, which offer alternatives and assistance in managing financial emergencies.

6 Guaranteed Installment Loans For Bad Credit

This website connects borrowers with lenders who offer personal loans to those with credit issues. After you submit a loan request through CashUSA, your information will be sold to other marketers so that CashUSA can earn a profit. The company is also committed to financial education beyond its lending services. The platform’s educational section provides users with insight into credit scores, debt calculation, and other financial concepts.

Application for a loan is processed quicklyThe maximum loan amount is $10,000
Direct deposits of cashAPRs can be high
We accept all forms of creditNo direct lending
24/7 accessibility
Pros and Cons



There are unsecured personal loans between $100 and $20,000 available through First Premier Lending. The loan terms you receive from First Premier lending will vary depending on the lender, as it is a marketplace, not a lender.

First, Premier offers small-dollar loans without the need for a credit check, which makes them a good alternative to payday loans. The problem with payday loans is that they are predatory. Traditional personal loans have higher interest rates and require fast repayment – by your next payday or within a few weeks. There are some states where payday loans are not legal.

Application for a loan is processed quicklyThe maximum loan amount is $10,000
Direct deposits of cashAPRs can be high
We accept all forms of creditNo direct lending
24/7 accessibility
The site is secure
Pros and Cons



As low as 580 credit scores are accepted with Upgrade for loans ranging from $1,000 to $50,000. After clearing the required verifications, you’ll be able to receive your funds within a day if you’re approved. A joint application could increase your chances of approval and get you a better rate than a solo application.

Signing up for automatic payments and consolidating existing debt might also qualify you for a lower rate. You won’t know how much the rate discount is until you register for Upgrade.

A low minimum credit score is requiredThe APR range is high
Loans can cover business expensesFees are charged for origination, late payment, and insufficient funds
Consolidation loan payoff by direct lender
Pros and Cons



Avant offers personal loans ranging from $2,000 to $35,000 with terms ranging from one to five years. Even if you have a credit score as low as 580, you may qualify as an Avant borrower. The average Avant borrower has a credit score of 600 to 700. If you are approved, you may be able to receive your funds as soon as the next business day.

The lender only accepts single applicants and does not offer loans in Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Vermont, Virginia, or West Virginia. The company also charges late and dishonored payment fees.

Loan options include secured and unsecured loansFees are charged upfront
A low credit score of 580 is requiredAPRs for prime borrowers are high
A 60-month loan is availableNo co-signers or co-applicants
Pros and Cons

How To Get Guaranteed Installment Loans for Bad Credit?

You may have to go through a different application process for Guaranteed Installment Loans. The process typically involves:

  • You can choose an unsecured or secured loan.
  • The monthly payment on a short-term loan is higher, and the interest rate is lower, while the monthly payment on a long-term loan is lower, but the interest rate is higher.
  • Some lenders offer special incentives and rates depending on your credit score, income, and loan purpose, while others offer regular rates.
  • The paperwork associated with personal, BNPL, and student loans is usually less than that associated with mortgages and auto loans. You may have to submit pay slips, bank statements, and a deeper dive into your finances for some installment loans, while others work with the information you provide.
  • An unsecured personal loan will put cash in your pocket faster than a secured loan like a mortgage. There can be more hoops for mortgages because they tend to be larger loans.

Alternatives To Guaranteed Installment Loans for Bad Credit

Alternatives To Guaranteed Installment Loans for Bad Credit
Alternatives To Guaranteed Installment Loans for Bad Credit

There are alternatives to traditional lenders for borrowers with bad credit, such as:

The Pawn Shop

 A collateralized loan is one that is backed by something of value. Pawnshops allow you to pawn valuable items such as jewelry and electronics. Pawnbrokers will pay you cash based on a small percentage of the value of your item. The item is returned to you when you pay off the loan. You will lose it if you don’t. There is no credit check required.

Credit Union Payday Alternative Loans (PALs)

 These are installment loans offered by select credit unions up to $2,500. They were created as alternatives to expensive payday loans, so they have low-interest rates and friendly repayment terms. The best alternative would be to join a credit union, but you have to become a member to qualify. You must undergo a credit check even if you don’t have good credit.

Auto Title Loans

The title to a vehicle is another requirement for this type of secured loan. Taking your vehicle’s title as collateral for a loan is easy when you find a title lender. A pawn loan has a similar repayment schedule to a pawn loan, so your title will be returned when you have made your repayments. Unpaid vehicle loans are especially risky because you could lose your car. The loss of a vehicle is reported to be the responsibility of one out of five auto title borrowers. There is usually no need for a credit check.

Cash Advance Apps

 The loans are not installment loans but provide a quick solution to a problem. Borrowers can link their bank account to a few apps like Dave to get an advance on their next paycheck. You are required to receive direct deposit, but no credit check is required. There are even apps that don’t charge for their services.

Family And Friends

There is also the option of borrowing money from someone with no credit check and low or no interest. Despite the friendly terms, failing to repay them as agreed can ruin your relationship. A worksheet available from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau can be used to write up an agreement.

Fee Structure With Guaranteed Installment Loans for Bad Credit

Consumers should note the fees and penalties associated with guaranteed approval loans for bad credit. The following are some of the most common: 

Application Fees 

Third-party sites that connect you with lenders often do not charge any fees, but lenders may charge fees for application processing. In the case of an approved loan, this fee will be paid to the loan provider who initiated the application. 

The Origination Fee

A lender’s origination fee represents a charge incurred when a new loan application is processed for a bad credit loan. The lender and borrower’s creditworthiness can greatly affect the fees, which are typically a percentage of the loan amount. 

Late Payment Fees

The late payment fee is an additional charge that becomes due if you are late in paying your loan or behind on your payments. Late payments usually result in them being due.

 Prepayment Penalties

Paying off your loan early results in a prepayment penalty. A prepayment penalty is common with payday lenders, but few other lending institutions impose one. 

Renewal Fees

 A renewal fee is owed when you refinance, restructure, or renew a loan. Renewing the loan agreement requires a renewal fee if the payment terms need to be renegotiated. Throughout the industry, this is standard practice.

Pros and Cons of Guaranteed Installment Loans For Bad Credit

Pros and Cons of Guaranteed Installment Loans For Bad Credit
Pros and Cons of Guaranteed Installment Loans For Bad Credit

Paying back installment loans over a set period keeps payments low by providing a predictable payment. When you need more money or your financial situation changes, that set payment schedule may be a disadvantage.

Pros of Guaranteed Installment Loans

There are many advantages to Guaranteed Installment Loans, including:

  • The loan payment remains the same for the duration of the loan, making the task of creating a household budget and paying bills easier.
  • Credit scores can be improved by having a clean payment history without late payments on installment loans. Your credit score will also improve if you replace revolving debt with an installment loan, which reduces your credit utilization ratio.
  • An installment loan can be paid off quickly or over a longer period based on the loan term you choose. The credit can’t be used again, so you can’t overspend, and you’re closer to paying off the debt with every payment.

Cons of Guaranteed Installment Loans

Make sure you consider the potential drawbacks of Guaranteed Installment Loans before taking one out:

  • Installment loans are deposited in a lump sum, so if you face a financial crisis, you cannot increase the amount borrowed. If your income suddenly drops, you’re more likely to miss a payment since there are no minimum payment options like on credit cards.
  • Mortgages and auto loans are secured installment loans that can lead to your home or vehicle being repossessed if you fail to repay them. Student loan defaults can negatively impact a person’s credit score, which makes it harder for them to get a mortgage in the future.
  • Obtaining an installment loan may be more difficult than getting a revolving loan, especially if the loan is secured. A typical revolving credit account may also require more documentation and stricter qualifications.
  • The closing costs of installment loans may be higher than those of other types of credit because you can borrow more. A personal loan may also have an origination fee, a percentage added or deducted from the funds you receive.

How Guaranteed Installment Loans For Bad Credit Affect Your Credit?

Guaranteed Installment Loans can affect your credit in several ways. If you make all your payments on time and diversify your credit mix, you may be able to improve your credit score over time.

Additionally, it can negatively affect your credit rating. Lenders will conduct a hard credit check when reviewing your loan application to determine whether to approve it. This may temporarily drop your credit score by five or six points, but only for a short period of time. The average age of your open credit accounts can also be lowered if you open a new account. These things usually affect credit scores negatively for a short time.

Tips For Getting Guaranteed Installment Loans For Bad Credit

It is important to improve your credit score before applying for Guaranteed Installment Loans if you have a bad one. The following are some proven methods for building credit: 

Pay On Time

In order to maintain a good credit score, it is important to keep up with your payments. Pay your credit cards and other bills on time in the months before you apply for a personal loan to strengthen your credit. 

Increase Your Credit Limit

The amount of available credit you’re using is one factor that contributes to your credit score. If you request a credit limit increase, your credit utilization will automatically decrease – as long as you don’t charge more. 

Correct Any Credit Report Errors

 Any incorrect information in your credit report could adversely affect your credit score. Credit-scoring companies use your credit report to calculate your score.

Become An Authorized User

 An authorized user can be added to a credit card by a creditworthy family member or friend. A credit report will reflect the account even if you aren’t actively using it. Payments made on time and a low balance on the card can boost your credit score. You may also suffer from low credit scores if you have high utilization rates or miss payments.


What Types of Loans Don’t Require A Credit Check?

A low credit score or a lack of credit history might not prevent you from qualifying for a personal loan from some lenders.

What Credit Score Do You Need To Get Guaranteed Installment Loans?

Lenders and loan types typically require FICO scores ranging from 550 to 720. Not all lenders offer optional Credit checks, and some have lower credit score requirements. The interest rates on installment loans for borrowers with bad credit tend to be much higher than those for consumers with a credit score closer to 720.

Which Type Of Loan Does Not Require A Credit Check? 

Bad credit loans can be obtained from companies with guaranteed approval and no credit checks. Most federal student loans, payday loans, personal loans, credit builder loans, and installment loans fall under this category. 

What Is The Easiest Type Of Loan To Get With No Credit? 

Most payday loans do not require a credit check, so they are one of the easiest loans to get with no credit. You must repay these unsecured bad credit loans as soon as you receive your next paycheck. Those who are in a financial emergency should consider an hour-payday loan.


When consumers have a large expense, an unexpected financial emergency, want to consolidate high-interest debt, or want to buy a car or home, Guaranteed Installment Loans are a convenient option. The first thing you need to know is how Guaranteed Installment Loans work before you apply. A loan product with favorable terms that works for your financial situation should be shopped around with different lenders.

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