How to Cancel Sunbasket Subscription Easily [2023 Updated]

Cancel Sunbasket Subscription

Want to know How to Cancel Sunbasket Subscription? because There is no doubt that Sunbasket delivers outstanding food and recipes to its customers. However, we must acknowledge that it may not be suitable for everyone. For example, some people may need help to afford to pay for the subscription fee and meal plan, while others may not like the taste.

Despite these drawbacks, some other restrictions by Sunbasket made it hard to choose them, including their inability to provide their services in Alaska, Hawaii, New Mexico, and Montana, among others. 

Cancel Sunbasket Subscription
How to Cancel Sunbasket Subscription?

Meal delivery services can be convenient, but not all companies suit everyone. You may not find Sunbasket to be a good fit for your needs despite its wide selection of specialized meal plans. 

The Sunbasket meal kits and prepared meals are excellent, but it is one of the more expensive services. Even though Sunbasket’s meals offer a variety of international flavors, you might prefer a service that offers more comfort food for your family.

How to Cancel SunBasket Subscription Easily?

What is Sunbasket?

Sunbasket is a San Francisco-based food delivery service. The company provides fresh organic food and emphasizes sustainable development. As part of its commitment to environmental conservation, the company provides farm animals with the proper care they need. The meal plans offered by Sunbasket are fully customizable. If you want to cancel your subscription, you can do so anytime.

What does Sunbasket Offer?

You can enjoy Sunbasket’s delicious, hygienic, pure, and fresh recipes with your family or friends. SunBasket offers a wide selection of meals to its customers when it comes to the menu.

A highly-qualified chef prepares all Sunbasket recipes, while a certified dietitian endorses them. It is also possible for you to change your order at any time. Sunbasket offers all of these features at no additional cost, saving you time and eliminating food waste.

Pros and Cons of Sunbasket


Wood wastage decline

You can reduce food waste at home with Sunbasket by obtaining the premeasured ingredients for the recipes you order.

Explore unique recipes

Sunbasket has a wide variety of recipes representing different cuisines and cultures around the world. Home is the perfect place to enjoy unique recipes with your family. 

Saves your time

You have to do your groceries, which takes a lot of time since you have to go to the store and then buy the ingredients. You save time with Sunbasket because we deliver all the ingredients and recipes right to your door.


It is unaffordable

The Sunbasket food delivery service is clearly different from all others in that it saves your time, offers a wide variety of food, etc. The majority of people are unlikely to be able to afford it.

Constrictions for shipping

There are a lot of different recipes available at Sunbasket. The company doesn’t deliver to Alaska, Hawaii, New Mexico, and Montana, though; these are some places/areas where Sunbasket still needs to deliver.


It is common for Sunbasket’s recipes to be packaged in packaging that contains gluten and other allergens. If you have food allergies, intolerances, or celiac disease, you may choose something other than the meal plan with the above characteristics.

Therefore, if you suffer from any food allergies, I strongly recommend that you avoid ordering from Sunbasket.

How To cancel Sunbasket subscription Online?

1. Sign into your account.

2. Click on ‘Account Settings‘.

3. Go to the bottom of the page and click on ‘Manage My Subscription.’

4. Select ‘Cancel My Subscription.’

5. Confirm your cancellation by providing a reason.

Sunbasket’s Line is your one-stop shop for information about deleting your account, unsubscribing or canceling a free trial. Subscribing to Line will get you cash now while paying later. You can get instant money between $20 and $200 if you need it for any financial emergency. There are no interest charges or credit checks. All your essential needs can be met with it, including paying bills, renewing subscriptions, clearing dues, etc.

Sunbasket is expected to email you to confirm the deactivation of your account. You must cancel your order before the cut-off date in order to avoid being charged for the next scheduled delivery. The Sunbasket cancellation process is simple, and you can contact them via several different methods if you do not receive a confirmation.

How to Cancel Sunbasket Subscription by Phone (Live Agent)?

Step 1. You can reach the business at 1-855-204-7597

Step 2. Contact the representative and let them know you want your account canceled

Step 3. Ensure that you ask the representative if there will be any additional charges

Step 4. Confirm your cancellation via verbal confirmation or email

How to Cancel Sunbasket Subscription by Login Your Account?

Step 1. Visit in your internet browser

Step 2. Log in with your email address and password

Step 3. Go to “My Account

Step 4. Then click on “Edit Meal Plan.”

Step 5. Please fill out the information requested on the page

Step 6. Keep the confirmation information you receive

Sunbasket customer service can be reached at:

  1. Phone
  2. Text
  3. Email

Get Sunbasket on the Phone

Call 866-786-2758 to reach Sunbasket customer service. You can reach the Line Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5:00 pm PT.

Get in Touch With Sunbasket via Email

Sunbasket accepts online email submissions at any time. Here are the steps you must take:

  1. You can visit their service center here
  2. Please click on the Email Us link
  3. Please provide the details of your account and name
  4. In your email, explain that you wish to cancel your subscription

You may wait to receive a response from the company.

Send a Text to Sunbasket

Sunbasket can also be contacted by text, telling them your problem and asking them to close your account. You can reach Sunbasket‘s customer service department by texting +1732-402-0156, Monday through Friday, 8 am and 5 pm PT.

What kinds of meals does Sunbasket offer?

There are two types of meals offered by Sunbasket: Meal Kits and Fresh & Ready Meals. It typically takes between 20 and 40 minutes to cook a meal kit, which combines premeasured ingredients and some prep work. It takes just a few minutes to heat a Fresh & Ready meal. They can be microwaved or baked in a few minutes. You can choose from paleo, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, diabetes-friendly, vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan, low-carb, and Mediterranean meals. Additionally, you can order breakfast, lunch, and a la carte items such as proteins (both animal and plant-based) and snacks from Sunbasket.

Is the Sunbasket a good deal?

There can be a range of prices for Sunbaskets based on the specific meals and add-ons you choose. It may be worth the cost for those who prefer organic food or are willing to experiment with new recipes weekly to spend their money on Sunbasket instead of other meal delivery services or buying groceries.

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What is the importance of a Sunbasket?

The Sunbasket is a good option for those who prefer certain health and nutritional preferences but need more time to plan, shop, or cook.

Is it easy to cancel a Sunbasket subscription?

It is very easy to cancel Sunbasket subscription. It’s not necessary to exchange phone numbers or emails. You need only click the Manage My Subscription link on your account settings page and follow the simple instructions. 

How much is Sunbasket per week?

The cost per week is Two meals per week: $14 per serving for two people, $11 per serving for four people. A three-person weekly meal plan costs $12 for two people and $11 for four people. The cost per serving for two people is $11, while the cost per serving for four people is $11.

Where does Sunbasket food come from?

Your Sunbasket meal kits are packed with California produce because Sunbasket’s headquarters are in San Francisco, California.

Can you cancel Sunbasket subscription at any time?

You can cancel Sunbasket subscription anytime, but you will be charged for an extra delivery if you cancel after 12 pm PST (3 pm EST) on Wednesday.


The good news is that canceling your Sunbasket account is super easy, so you won’t have to stick with a subscription plan you don’t like any longer. You may be interested in Sunbasket’s biggest competitors if you want a meal kit that offers equally healthy meals at a lower price or with more flexibility.


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