How to Cancel Blue Apron Subscription Easily [2023 Updated]

Cancel Blue Apron subscription

Are you looking for a guide on How to Cancel Blue Apron Subscription? In this, article we have shared multiple methods to Cancel your Blue Apron Subscription. There are many conveniences and advantages to utilizing fresh meal kits delivery services, such as Blue Apron and Hello Fresh, to simplify the task of menu planning and prepping meals each week. Food waste is reduced because they deliver only what you need, down to seasoning measurements, and you can try dishes you’ve never tried before. Due to its subscription nature, Blue Apron does not sell single boxes but plans to deliver them monthly.

Cancel Blue Apron subscription
How to Cancel Blue Apron Subscription Easily

The Blue Apron program ensures that you can eat the foods you desire while you don’t have time to handle the preparation process yourself. It allows customers to customize their meal kits for a wonderful cooking experience. Blue Apron delivers meal kit boxes to their homes.

If you don’t need the service anymore, you may feel the same way as users of Hello Fresh. Man HelloFresh user Cancelled their Subscription. In this article we have shared exact steps how to cancel Blue Apron Subscription.

How to Cancel Blue Apron Subscription Easily [2023 Updated]

What is Blue Apron?

Blue Apron is a meal kit service that delivers 2–4 recipes and all the ingredients you need to prepare them to your door every week. Many companies offer meal kit delivery services, but it’s one of the most well-known and widely used. Blue Apron’s convenience is widely appreciated because it reduces the time spent planning meals and shopping for groceries.

You can also increase your cooking skills and learn various new cooking methods using a meal kit delivery service. People too busy to plan meals and shop for groceries daily can also benefit from Blue Apron, which offers healthier and less expensive alternatives to dining out regularly. Blue Apron has recently added a subscription wine service and a marketplace where you can buy gifts and kitchen tools.

What Meal Plans Does Blue Apron Offer?

The following plans are available to Blue Apron subscribers:

  • 2-Serving Signature Plan: This Plan gives customers two servings of either 2, 3, or 4 recipes each week, and they can choose from various options.
  • 4-Serving Signature Plan: This Plan provides four servings per recipe and a weekly menu of seven choices.
  • Vegetarian Plan for 2: Select two meat-free meals each week from three vegetarian recipes.
  • Wellness Plan for 2: Low-carb meals approved by nutritionists, such as three healthier recipes.
  • Meal Prep: In less than two hours a week, you can prepare eight servings at once, ahead of time.

How do I skip a Blue Apron delivery?

Skipping Blue Apron deliveries up to five weeks in advance is also possible.

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. You can skip orders by clicking Upcoming.
  3. Then, click Manage Delivery.
  4. Click on Skip This Delivery.

Changing your mind by logging back into your account and clicking the Unskip button before the changeable date is always possible. Changing orders which are already processed or shipped on your Upcoming page is impossible.

How to Cancel Blue Apron Subscription?

There are several ways to cancel Blue Apron Subscription OR Blue Apron Membership. You can do it by email, phone, or online. It depends on what is most convenient for you and which method you choose. The following are all the methods in detail:

Cancel Blue Apron Membership Online

The most popular method to cancel Blue Apron Subscription is online. This is one of the easiest method and doesn’t require complicated processes or phone calls. You only need a computer, tablet, or phone with a good Internet connection.

The following are the steps for canceling your Blue Apron membership online:

  1. Visit the Blue Apron website.
  2. Sign into your account.
  3. Click on “Manage“.
  4. Click on “Cancel Meal or Wine Delivery“.

Cancel Blue Apron Subscription On Phone

Many people prefer to cancel Blue Apron membership by phone. You can contact customer service using the phone number provided by the company.

You can cancel Blue Apron Subscription by following these steps:

  1. Contact Blue Apron customer service at 888-278-4349.
  2. Please ensure you have all your account information available so the representative can assist you.
  3. Ask the representative from Blue Apron to cancel your subscription. After that, follow their instructions.

Cancel Blue Apron Subscription Via Email

It is also possible to Cancel Blue Apron Subscription via email. If you use this method, please make sure that you use the same email address you used to create your account. You should include the correct address in the cancellation email if you use a different one.

Sending an email cancellation request is simple. You will need to follow these steps:

  1. Please send an email to informing the company that you wish to cancel your membership.
  2. Provide all personal information and account details in the email.
  3. If you email Blue Apron, they will get back to you as soon as possible with more instructions. Your account can be successfully canceled by following these instructions.

How to Cancel Blue Apron Order?

There is also a method for canceling specific orders if you want to do so. It is possible to skip orders up to five weeks in advance. When you’re traveling, this will save you money by not paying for something you won’t be able to use.

Log into your Blue Apron account and select the “Upcoming” tab to skip an order. When you are there, select the order you want to skip. Select “Manage Delivery” after choosing your order. Click “Skip This Delivery” next.

Please remember that orders can only be canceled if they have yet to ship. It’s not possible to cancel orders that have already been processed and shipped. It will therefore be necessary to pay for those meals.

What Are the Benefits of Blue Apron?

Blue Apron is our favorite meal plan kit compared to Hello Fresh because of its variety of recipes and creativity of ingredients. The Blue Apron service eliminates the need to research recipes and plan meals. The Blue Apron recipes are created by chefs and tested and approved by thousands of customers, so you can easily cook them at home, no matter your cooking level. To top it off, the meals are delicious.

The Blue Apron service also reduces food waste by giving customers exactly what the recipe calls for, without odd bits and pieces left over. Rather than buying a bunch of scallions at the grocery store and having the leftovers spoil before you use them, you can buy a few at home. Customers appreciate the convenience, time savings, and exposure to new recipes offered by meal delivery services like Blue Apron, along with the chance to improve their cooking skills.


Will Blue Apron charge me when my free trial expires?

Blue Apron sometimes offers a one-week free trial to new members. You should cancel your trial before it expires if you do not wish to convert it to a paid subscription. Blue Apron will extend your membership and charge your credit card if this occurs.

How Much Does Blue Apron Cost?

Blue Apron boxes have an extra $10 shipping fee, which works out to $9 per serving. You do not have to pay a membership fee. You can get free meals when you become a new customer.

Can I get a refund after I Cancel Blue Apron Account?

The chances of getting a refund for Blue Apron subscriptions are slim. However, the customer service may be willing to give you a refund. The company will charge you for any orders marked as “processing” or “shipped” even if your account is closed.


Most people Cancel Blue Apron Subscription or Home Chef Subscription when they no longer need them. The first step is to understand what options are available to you. The Blue Apron cancellation process is available through email, phone, and online. You can cancel your meals anytime to stop paying for them.

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