Bluesky Invite Code – How to Get this Invite Code Easily [Working & Updated]

Bluesky Invite Code - How to Get this Invite Code Easily [Working & Updated]

Are you looking for BlueSky Invite Code? In this article we have shared steps to get these Invite Codes easily.

Bluesky Social Media launched recently and many people still don’t know about this platform. The social network promises to provide an open, transparent, and user-driven approach to social media.

Bluesky project aims to create a decentralized social network protocol that enables various social networks with their own vetting, moderation, and curation processes to connect with one another. Social networks that use the protocol are called “applications.” Blockchain technology isn’t used in this protocol.

Bluesky Invite Code – How to Get this Invite Code Easily [Working & Updated]

What is BlueSky?

Bluesky logo
Bluesky logo

Bluesky was initially launched by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey in 2019. The working group was initiated by the company’s Chief Technology Officer (and eventually CEO), Parag Agrawal, in early 2020. Several representatives from existing decentralized networks have joined the organization, including Mastodon and ActivityPub. Using the Element chat program, the group communicated.

A technical evaluation of the decentralized social network environment was commissioned by Twitter by Jay Graber of the Happening decentralized social network. Bluesky appointed her CEO in August 2021. Founded in late 2021, Bluesky is a public benefit LLC with Graber as CEO and Dorsey on its board of directors.

Steps to get BlueSky Invite Code

At the moment, Bluesky is still in its early stages of development and is not yet available to the general public. Inviting codes have been provided to some Bluesky users as a means of testing the platform. Inviting codes can be obtained by joining a waiting list on the Bluesky social website. The only thing you have to do is enter your e-mail address and wait for the codes to arrive.

Steps to Use BlueSky Invite Code

  • You can access the staging app by clicking here.

  • Get started by creating an account.

  • In the hosting provider field, enter this link.

  • Here are the invite codes: stems-social-swukchr and stems-social-op2s6th (Found on SpielTimes)

  • Choose a username or handle for your account.

If these BlueSky Invite Code doesn’t work we can get Invite Code from Existing user as well. To make it more easy to find Users who are using BlueSky we bave created this Telegram Channel to connect with other BlueSky Users You can also join this Subreddit were users are disussing regardging BlueSky Social Media App Future & BlueSky Invite Code to access the platform.

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